"My years in pharmacy have taught me that there is not always a commercially made solution to a patient's medication needs and that the pharmacist can help by actually customizing a prescription. It may be as simple as adding some flavoring or converting a tablet into a liquid. Sometimes it is as detailed as assisting a patient with bio-identical hormone replacement.

Pharmacy care sometimes requires creativity. Prescription compounding enables us to solve medication dosing, strength and availability issues in a quick and cost effective manner. Assisting our customers with these challenges is one of the main reasons I chose to be a pharmacist."



"Growing up in Pleasanton, I knew how important the local pharmacy was to our community and our family. When we walked into the drugstore, the staff knew us by name and took a personal interest in our well being. Since the day I became a pharmacist, I have striven to carry on this tradition. Pleasanton and San Ramon Custom Care Pharmacies are committed to individual patient care and community involvement.

We understand that our customers are also our neighbors and that they deserve the personal "small town" service that I remember from my childhood. I believe that this commitment to our customers and community is what has guided us through our 30 years in business."



"With more than 25 years of pharmacy experience under my belt, I have seen local pharmacies shift their focus from healthcare to mass retail sales. Oftentimes one must walk past the garden supply section in order to reach the pharmacy counter. It is refreshing to work at Custom Care Pharmacy where healthcare is the only priority.

Our pharmacy counter is not hidden past aisles of sale items, it is cornerstone of our store; and with multiple pharmacists on staff, there is always an opportunity to get a question answered or learn more about your medication. Our emphasis is strictly on meeting your medication needs. We understand that your good health is important and that your time is valuable. "



"Having started my pharmacy career working for one of the large chainstores, I quickly grew tired of explaining to customers all the things I couldn't do to assist them with their medication needs. Patient care oftentimes extends beyond simply filling the prescription. At Custom Care I can take the time to provide detailed counseling, I can offer home delivery and medication shipping. I can special order that walker or compression hosiery. In other words, I can provide them with quality products, personalized service and a "can do" attitude. After 10 years at Custom Care, my customers are my friends and neighbors, and I enjoy being able to go the extra mile for them."


“In today’s fast paced, “on the go” environment, pharmacists are one of the most accessible health care providers in the community. The access our pharmacy has to technology and information is amazing and continues to grow. I am passionate about utilizing these resources to help my customers live healthy and productive lives. You see, a few years ago I decided to make this community not just the place I work, but the place in which I raise my family.

Healthcare has become a complicated part of our daily lives, but I see my role to be quite simple. I am dedicated to providing quality, compassionate pharmacy care to my customers and to keeping our community a healthy and enriching place for ourselves and our families.”

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